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Do you have high-speed internet?

You betcha! My property is 'on-grid' and has Telus high-speed internet. The president of Telus lives in this neighbourhood as well; he is the one that brought fibre to our neighbourhood!


Do you see a lot of bears or wild animals?
I have not seen forest animals myself, except for a deer - that peered through my office window and watched me work at my desk,

plus a huge Roosevelt elk with a full set of antlers.

Others have seen the occasional black bear, although it is 'rare' - just as there are sightings in North Vancouver, Burnaby, and Coquitlam. You may see them, you need not be scared, just be aware and follow the rules: primarily leave garbage/compost indoors. 


With regards to sea animals, I have seen sea lions while paddle boarding, and white-sided dolphins! BTW - There were many Orcas enjoying the inlet in 2023!

These encounters do not in any way prevent me from enjoying the healthy, invigorating backyard sea. Any seaside worldwide, I play relatively close to shore.

Is the road paved to get to your house?
From downtown Sechelt, my beach house is 8km away - along all paved road. It's easy peezy to get here!


Do you accept cats and / or dogs?
Due to allergies and expensive furniture pieces I do not accept cats or dogs.


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