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Do you have high-speed internet?

You betcha! My property is 'on-grid' and has Telus high-speed internet. The president of Telus lives in this neighbourhood as well; he is the one that brought fibre to our neighbourhood!

Can I rent out both units - the whole house - at once?
Out of respect for my neighbours, I do not rent out the full house, as it invites the potential of parties and disruption for my neighbours.

Are you on site?
I live on site all year round. Am here daily to clean, perform maintenance on the site, give warm welcomes, assist in daily itineraries, answer questions and bid fond farewells.

Do you see a lot of bears or wild animals?
I have not seen forest animals myself, except for a deer - that peered through my office window and watched me work at my desk,

plus a huge Roosevelt elk with a full set of antlers.

Others have seen the occasional black bear, although it is 'rare' - just as there are sightings in North Vancouver, Burnaby, and Coquitlam. You may see them, you need not be scared, just be aware and follow the rules: primarily leave garbage/compost indoors. 


With regards to sea animals, I have seen sea lions while paddle boarding, and white-sided dolphins! BTW - Orcas have been seen in this inlet as well!

These encounters do not in any way prevent me from enjoying the healthy, invigorating backyard sea. I stay relatively close to shore, as I paddle up or down the inlet.

Is the road paved to get to your house?
From downtown Sechelt, my beach house is 8km away - along all paved road. It's easy peezy to get here!

Do you accept cats and / or dogs?
Due to allergies I do not accept cats. I also have some very expensive furniture pieces, and expensive bed linens - and I cannot have dogs climbing into bed or on sofas - or treading inside with sandy paws; so for this reason, I have to say no to pups as well. 

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